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1. download the driver from HP for 1903 Windows version.

2. Click to extract the files.

3. GO to the directory of the extracted files and open it, than look for a file called "install"

4. right Click on the "install" file and chose "edit", a New window will appear.

5. you have to look in the New window for every "18362" (wich is the code for 1903 Windows ) and replace it with "18363" (wich is the 1909 version), close and Save changes.
6. run the installer application and should be ok.

I mean, ı cloned MY hard Drive, like ı always do with a New Computer, so that ı don't have to do a Complete reinstall of all MY software. But literally none of your drivers will install on the latest version of Windows 10 -- not even on a clean install so MY cloning isn't the issue (also evidenced by fixing MY problem with MY cloned System by using auila86's steps).Completely unacceptable, given the fact that, as you say, anyone who already installed the drivers and then updates to 1909 will be fine with the exact same drivers. meaning the drivers work on 1909.

Having Windows run updates upon a clean install is Very much sop and should never be a "gotcha" for something as Basic as this. Absolutely maddening on HP's part, and your tone of blaming users for installing the latest version of Windows 10 is just completely inappropriate and frankly, absurd.

Ok, rant over for Now.

To expound on aquila86's steps, download and install NotePad++, then follow these completely ridiculous, completely absurd (come on HP, GET with the program), but effective steps:

1. download all the driver packages you want to install using the HP download assistant.

2. start a command line.

3.ın the command line, type...

CD /D "%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\HP downloads"

And hit enter.

4.ın the command line, type...

For %a in (*.exe) do "%a" -s -overwrite -report %temp%

And hit enter.

5. all your drivers should Now be in C:\Swsetup. Browse to that folder in Windows Explorer.

6.ın that folder, Search for 18362.

7. Windows Search should Now show you all files in C:\Swsetup that contains the string "18362".

8. right-Click anywhere in the Search results, then Click "select all"

9. right-Click anywhere in the Search results, then Click "open in notepad++"

10. press CTRL-h in notepad++

11. Next to "find what" type 10.0. 18362.

12. Next to "replace with" type 10.0. 18363.

13. Click "replace all in all opened documents"

14.ın the file menu, Click "Save all", then "close all"

15. open device Manager (press Win-X, select "device Manager")

16. right-Click One of your devices that doesn't have a driver installed, and select "Update driver".

17. Click "browse MY Computer for driver software"

18. under "Search for drivers in this location, Type-C:\Swsetup.

19. make sure "ınclude subfolders" checkbox is selected.

20. Click "Next", and Windows should find the driver you want.

Or, Hewlett-Packard could just not be obtuse in the future and allow driver installation after something they admit is a "minor Update". Ffs.

Kaynak: Windows 10 1903 hp drivers not working in 1909 clean installataion.


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HP asistan sadece sürücüleri indirmek için değil mi? manuel olarak yüklemeyi denedim en az 6-7 tanesi not supported OS version gibi bir hata verdi
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