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12 Mart 2023
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Crypto game, also known as blockchain game, is a play to win (P2E) mode, unlike previous games where you can buy assets or treasures in the game, but the ownership is owned by the game company, in crypto games you can not only buy your own assets and land, but also get benefits and rewards in the game You can also obtain it. Nowadays, many people make money every day by playing crypto games.
There is a platform of crypto games available to play today, each packed with features that attract crypto investors and NFT fans.

As a result of the popularity of NFTs, the best crypto games today are available in almost every market you can think of.
To give you an idea, below we discuss some types of blockchain games that might interest you.
1. Virtual world games
2. Fantasy sports
3. fighting games
4. Development games. The following two are currently popular
CryptoKitties is a casual virtual cat game that was launched and operated on November 28, 2017, traded in the Ethereum cryptocurrency.
FairyCat, a new blockchain game released in 2023, Fairy Cat has one of the highest payoffs of any blockchain game and will be the most popular virtual money game in 2023.

One of the main reasons why most traders choose to play P2E crypto games is to make money. However, you may have noticed that many of the top crypto games offer rewards in the form of NFT.
However, NFTs in games are unique and transparent. In other words, when you buy assets in the game, you own it.
Depending on the game, the NFTs you collect can be player avatars, characters, creatures, special items, or any other artifact.
These NFTs can be traded or sold on other platforms, allowing you to receive cash or other cryptocurrencies in return. You can also keep these rewards until the time is right to cash out.