Ftp arayüzüne nasıl kullanıcı ekleyebilirim?


SDN Okuru
Arkadaşlar aşağıda linkini vereceğim ftp arayüzünü siteme kurdum ancak yardım dosyasına bakmama rağmen yapamadım.Yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.


Yardım dosyasında geçen metin :

"Creation of a new user

Indicate the name/login/password of user/group for specified connection. According to the status of this one (administrator/group/visitor) chosen, the user will have the right to manage certain actions, or not, on the files which will be accessed.
You can then refine the rights to specify what sort of modifications will be possible or not by notching/stripping the boxes (read, write, modify, etc).

IMPORTANT: Select a share point (at least one) which user will connect to (you must have configured it previously).

You can indicate which type of files will be visible/usable by modifying the filters.
Choose then the language, type of interface, sorting order of files, and other parameters which will be appropriate for the user.
The mouse clicks actions are also configurable on this level.

If you are searching for a public use, it will be necessary for you to create an account named "visitor", and to invert scripts "index.php" and "indexpublic.php" at the installation root, it is of course recommended to configure this account in restricted "user".

Validate the modifications, the message "Changes have been made." must be shown on top of the administration panel.

By selecting a user, then by clicking on "Removing", you can remove it from list. The user will not be able to be identified any more."