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Konu: Tenses (Zamanlar)

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    Standart Tenses (Zamanlar)

    Zamanları öğrenmek için işinize yarayabilecek bir tablo.

    How to Read this Chart

    You can see three Tenses down on the left:
    • Past,
    • Present, and
    • Future,
    ...and you see the four standard Aspects along the top:
    • Simple,
    • Perfect,
    • Progressive (sometimes called Continuous), and
    • Perfect Progressive.
    Note also that two verb types are represented for each Tense/Aspect:
    • The regular past (walk --> walked), and
    • The irregular past (write --> written).
    Finally, note the allowance for the "-s" associated with the 3rd person, singular, Simple Present ("writes" and "walks").

    How to Use this Chart

    This chart shows the correct forms for any tense and aspect.Of course, you also need to know what the various tenses and aspects actually mean, but that's outside the scope of this short guide.

    Example ONE

    Here's an example of a check for basic correctness. Consider this sentence:
    *Bill walking his dog.
    We can break this down into the standard Subject/Verb/Object structure:
    Bill walking his dog
    Subject Verb Object
    Here's the important idea:

    Looking at the Tense/Aspect chart, you can see that there is no Tense/Aspect which is "walking", all by itself.

    So what would be the fix to the bad sentence shown above?
    The -ing form of the verb (the Present Participle) is a progressive form. So assuming you do want a progressive sense, six forms are permitted. They're shaded in light green in the little chart on the right, and here's what happens if you use them to fix the sentence:
    Present Progressive Bill is walking his dog.
    Past Progressive Bill was walking his dog.
    Future Progressive Bill will be walking his dog.
    Present Perfect Progressive Bill has been walking his dog.
    Past Perfect Progressive Bill had been walking his dog.
    Future Perfect Progressive Bill will have been walking his dog.
    Note, of course, that not all of these forms are desirable. You want to choose the right one; the one that best expresses what you want to say.
    However, the above forms are grammatically correct.

    Example TWO

    Take another example:
    *Bill is walked his dog.
    Again, let's break this down into the standard Subject/Verb/Object structure:
    Bill is walked his dog
    Subject Verb Object

    If you look at the chart, you'll find there are four tense/aspects that use the -ed (Past Participle). The little chart on the right shows them shaded in light blue. Given that you do want to use a Past Participle, here's what the sentence looks like if you apply each of these four fixes:
    Simple Past Bill walked his dog.
    Present Perfect Bill has walked his dog.
    Past Perfect Bill had walked his dog.
    Future Perfect Bill will have walked his dog.

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    nice share thanks

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    I think this is very useful for beginners.
    Thanks for sharing

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    thanks a lot.

    tenses very important for learn to english

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    Thanks maaan

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